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Recycled Lighting

Monday, November 24th, 2008

plastic lighting

We love to see good use of empty plastic bottles here at ABW. Here is some seriously nice lighting design from Manchester based designer Michelle Brand. “Once a plastic drinks bottle is empty, it is perceived as redundant and then thrown away. I wanted to challenge this wasteful paradigm.”

Michelle’s intention is develop the design to appeal to the retail and interior design market.

Thanks to inhabitat

Re-use Issue

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

household goods

Being a bottled water company we truly implore (or beg if I have to) people to recycle our empty bottles. Sure PET is the work of Satan, but what makes it worse is if the empty bottles end up in landfill rather than sent to our good friends the recycling men (and ladies).

But even better than that is re-using the bottles over and over again. The jury is out on whether PET bottles leech toxins after repeated use, but we do know that it is wise to at least rinse the bottle with detergent now and then to get rid of bacteria.

And even better again is reusing the bottles in interesting ways around the home. The Lifehacker blog ran a forum to find out peoples clever uses for disposable items. Thereby saving the items from landfill.

Take a look here

My brother told me the story of how our bottle came in very handy once when he ran out of petrol in the middle of nowhere and desperately needed a funnel. After the great success he had in turning our empty bottle into an effective funnel, he suggested that we forget about bottled water and move into the Funnel industry! Big money in Funnels they say.

If you have ever used our bottles in creative ways, we would love to hear about it. Use the comments button below.