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Bio-bottle continued

Sunday, September 14th, 2008


As discussed, you are about to see a whole range of new bottled water brands packaged in environmentally friendly bottles. Unless there is new technology we are unaware of you can bet your bottom dollar that they will be made from a substance called PLA. PLA stands for Polylatic Acid.

PLA is an amazing substance. It is produced from corn starch. Yes that’s right your standard everyday cob of corn. And through a magical process (if you can call high-tech chemistry ‘magical’) is turned into little resin pellets and sent to bottling manfuacturers where they are blown into bottle shapes. Essentially these pellets are exactly the same as the pellets that have always been used to make plastic bottles, except they are not made from Petroleum.

So the exciting thing is that instead of having water bottles made from the non-renewable source of petroleum (hello oil crisis), we now have water bottles made from a renewable source - Corn!

Sounds so good it makes you want to procreate with a tree doesn’t it?

Well that’s what we thought too (my apologies to the trees in my local park).

The only company in the world that makes PLA is called NatureWorks, which is owned by a massive world-wide private company called Cargill. Well Cargill has had it’s own problems in the past, but we will leave for you to explore on your own.

But the first real issue for us when considering producing our bottles in PLA was the fact that the only place in the world that PLA was produced was at the NatureWorks plant in Nebraska USA. It wasn’t so much that it would be produced from American corn when we have such as massive corn industry in Oz, it was more that we couldn’t fathom the idea of purchasing the PLA pellets in the states and then shipping them right across the pacific ocean, just so that we could make ‘environmentally friendly’ plastic bottles.

There is obviously something seriously wrong with that. Especially when we have enjoyed in the past mocking particular brands of water that are produced outside Oz dressed up in a pretty bottled and then shipped here to be sold to those who are easily fooled into such things.

Well that is the first issue anyway, check back again to find out other reasons why PLA isn’t as ‘green’ as it sounds.

Re-use Issue

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

household goods

Being a bottled water company we truly implore (or beg if I have to) people to recycle our empty bottles. Sure PET is the work of Satan, but what makes it worse is if the empty bottles end up in landfill rather than sent to our good friends the recycling men (and ladies).

But even better than that is re-using the bottles over and over again. The jury is out on whether PET bottles leech toxins after repeated use, but we do know that it is wise to at least rinse the bottle with detergent now and then to get rid of bacteria.

And even better again is reusing the bottles in interesting ways around the home. The Lifehacker blog ran a forum to find out peoples clever uses for disposable items. Thereby saving the items from landfill.

Take a look here

My brother told me the story of how our bottle came in very handy once when he ran out of petrol in the middle of nowhere and desperately needed a funnel. After the great success he had in turning our empty bottle into an effective funnel, he suggested that we forget about bottled water and move into the Funnel industry! Big money in Funnels they say.

If you have ever used our bottles in creative ways, we would love to hear about it. Use the comments button below.

Cascade Green

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

ABW is working hard at the moment to make the most environmetally friendly bottled water on the market. And as such we are constantly on the lookout for brands in other categories who have made the move.

I like the new beer Cascade has brought out. It initially looks like a bunch of marketing executives have sat around to think up a new way to sell the same thing. But for whatever reason it is done, green is green and offsetting carbon output is a good thing for the planet no matter what the initial motivation.

I am curious though how just one brand from a stable of beers can be Green but not the others? Surely going green means the whole company goes green, from carbon offsetting the transport to the office guys/gals going paper free?

But I like how they are honest that this product isn’t perfect, but a step in the right direction. So hopefully there is more to come.