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Do the green thing

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

green thing

Here is a humorous video posted on youtube by Green thing. Green thing is a social media community that encourages all do to little acts for the sake of the environment in our daily lives. The video is a nice demonstration of how the waterfalls/volcanos/rainforest/islands method of marketing water is such a wank. It’s just water for God’s sake people and it’s the reason we got started.

check it out here

Diet Water

Friday, July 18th, 2008

Diet Water

Here is a marketing angle that is a real stretch. Diet Water from Sapporo. I love the quirkiness of Japanese brands.

There are plenty of bottled waters around with added healthy ingredients be they real or illusions. Maybe this isn’t a marketing ploy but rather just a simple statement of fact? Water by itself is all you need.

Lessons from Garnaut

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Greenhouse Gasses

It seems the Greenhouse Opponents have finally pulled their heads in, with the Garnaut report comes the first major recognition by our nation’s government that controls need to be placed on business organisations in order to control greenhouse admissions.

Our business would be considered a low carbon emitter, the largest part definitely being transport. As a human on the earth I would hope that the carbon emissions program includes petrol, but as a business owner the thought of our transport costs rising further sends a shiver down my spine. I think it is soon going to become apparent to certain businesses that it is not viable to participate in markets nationwide.

Although our low emissions will exempt us from needing to purchase carbon permits, we are continuing to develop our own green policies that will include a voluntary carbon purchasing scheme.

It will be interesting to see what other small businesses feel their responsibility is once they are determined to be exempt from the government scheme. My guess is that for the majority what they don’t have to do, they won’t.

I hope the government’s strategy is to initially target the big companies (ASX200 are responsible for 23% of all Australian emissions) before progressively reducing the emissions cap in order to encompass the majority of Australian businesses.

It will take a thick skinned government to achieve this.